Putting money in our tax clients pockets


Every year since 2003, Just Harvest has helped thousands of low-income area households file their income taxes – for free. And every year we help maximize their refund, returning millions of dollars to our community, to the working families who need it most.


Some of Our Tax Clients

Nicole and son Nicole’s story: It’s time to Build Back for Justice - “All of us should be able to have a roof over our heads, take care of our kids, and live with dignity. The 2021 Child Tax Credit made that possible for me.”
Janice and Bill: Penalized, but grateful for assistance - The 2019 tax season will be the final year for a key measure in the Affordable Care Act. Here’s how it affected one couple.
Tax client Will Smith Will: A caregiver gets a pleasant surprise - They say life is like a river, full of twists and turns you don’t always see coming. This fisherman would probably agree.
Just Harvest tax client Ron Ron: A retiree who’s come to depend on our tax assistance - A former steel worker with a pension, Ron is doing better than many, but sees the value in programs that help those in need.
Just Harvest tax client Denise Denise’s tax refund will pay for important home improvements - Denise has come to our free tax assistance program for years. This working mother and grandmother knows only too well that every dollar counts.
Susan: Fast food worker and single mom relies on free tax help - Susan came to file her taxes at Just Harvest’s South Side office with her son and a large box of homemade cupcakes for the volunteers.
Just Harvest tax program client Janet Baker Janet: Committed to her clients - Janet Baker is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. But her other role, which has just as much of a place in her heart, is as someone who always helps those in need.
Takina, a Just Harvest tax client Takina: A single mother working hard but staying positive - For people who are trying hard to make ends meet every month, every dollar counts, particularly when it comes to tax time. But getting help to maximize your tax refund can be costly in itself.
Josh "Stretch" Carter Stretch Carter: Fresh Access logo designer and former tax client - Stretch had never gotten professional help filing his taxes before. Did our help lay the groundwork for his future success? You be the judge.
Valerie: A tax client, proud mother, and bright soul - Valerie is the kind of person who lights up a room. Her smile and positive attitude is infectious to anyone around her.
Our tax client Theresa Theresa: A tax client who has some questions for our legislators - Theresa avoided homelessness thanks to key public assistance programs. But she has some strong words for the government officials who oversee those programs.
Just Harvest tax client Bruce Bruce: A struggling veteran helped by our free tax prep service - Bruce came to Just Harvest for the first time this year to get his taxes done. What he found was more than he expected.
Our tax client Mon Mon: A tax client and volunteer from Bhutan - Mon has already experienced much in his young life. The assistance he’s received since coming to Pittsburgh is now allowing him to help fellow refugees.
Our tax client Ngun Ngun, a tax client: From refugee to volunteer - Ngun’s journey to the U.S. was not an easy one. But after receiving public assistance to help with her transition to a new life here she is extending that same helping hand to others in her community.
Our tax client Paw and her son Paw, a tax client: From Thailand to the South Hills - Paw is a refugee from Thailand. With some help from the community she has now made a life for herself in the South Hills with her husband and toddler son.
Our tax client Mia Mia: A tax client working hard to maintain her dream - As a single mom of two young kids many years ago, Mia benefited greatly from the support of public assistance. But she was able to achieve her dream and has been working hard to hold onto it ever since.
Our tax client Treavor Treavor: A six-year taxpayer and tax client - Treavor has been getting his taxes done at Just Harvest since he first joined the workforce, as a teenager.
Our tax client Tim Our long-time tax clients Tim and Darlene - Tim and Darlene have been coming to Just Harvest for the last 8 years to get their taxes done and they love it here. Now if only their family would listen.
Our tax client Audrey Audrey: A long-time tax client and former Heinz employee - Audrey worked full-time for Heinz Ketchup for 29 years. She liked it there but illness brought a premature end to her career.
Our tax client Stella Stella: A tax client and mom who has come far but still struggles - Stella is a single mother and works to help adults with autism. But despite her and her family’s accomplishments she still benefits from key anti-poverty programs.

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