Just Harvest’s Approach to Ending Hunger


Just Harvest Bonner Leader holding sign: 1 in 7 people in Allegheny County are living in poverty. We Must Do Better.Just Harvest is a nonprofit organization that reduces hunger through sustainable, long-term approaches that lift up those in need. We get at the root causes of hunger by using public policy and programs to reduce poverty and improve food access.

We have served Allegheny County for 30 years. In that time we have helped tens of thousands of low-income households keep food on the table. Our programs have helped them access tens of millions of dollars in nutrition assistance, tax credits, and other government benefits for which they’re eligible.

We are also a long-time leader of efforts to make the public’s response to hunger – through government policy and civic discourse – more fair, sensible, compassionate, and effective.


Just Harvest takes a four-pronged approach to hunger and food insecurity:

a four-pronged fork
Individual Empowerment |
One-on-one engagement to help low-income people access government programs that protect basic living standards and can get them back on their feet

Neighborhood Development | Public and private partnerships to boost fresh food access in under-served neighborhoods

Government Advocacy | Promoting and lobbying for fair public policies at all levels of government to reduce poverty and hunger, and organizing communities to take political action

Public Education | Informational outreach and poverty simulations to explain sustainable solutions to hunger’s true causes

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Just Harvest staff Josh Berman and client holding signs about poverty and hunger in Allegheny County

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