Take Action to Change Public Policy

Hunger is injustice. Together we can end it!

Just Harvest staff and members at the April 15, 2015 Fight for $15 rally in PittsburghHunger and poverty are caused by political choices that shape public policy. Ending hunger means improving those choices and policies.

Let your representatives in government know how you feel. It is our right – and our responsibility – as constituents to speak out for our needs and demand action.

The actions below on this page explain why (and how) you should contact specific elected officials about key issues. Your calls and emails make a difference!

Want to do more?

orange arrowSign up to join us for a virtual lobbying visit with one of your legislators (no experience required).

Current Actions

Port Authority bus at stop in front of Giant Eagle grocery store Our testimony to the Port Authority of Allegheny County Board on fair fares (3/26/2021) - We joined allies in making clear how how PAAC’s new fare proposal falls short of ensuring mobility and food access for low-income transit riders.

Recent Actions

PA must fix P-EBT for families! Take action to improve P-EBT in PA! (8/30/2021) - The state needs to do far better at getting P-EBT to families. Sign our letter of recommendations on how this system should work so children don’t go hungry.
Paid Sick Days Save Lives. learn more at pittsburghpaidsickdays.org Allegheny County Board of Health should support paid sick days for all (6/29/2021) - It is now up to the Board to quickly authorize a paid sick days policy that protects everyone who works in the county.
paid sick leave Comment to Allegheny County Council in support of Paid Sick Days bill (3/8/2021) - Allegheny County Council will be voting March 9 on the Paid Sick Days Act. Here’s why we support this bill, and what you can do to help it pass.
American Rescue Plan: text ReliefNow to 747464 or call 1-888-523-8974 Our clients need help yesterday — PA needs the American Rescue Plan (2/4/2021) - We’ve experienced a record high number of requests for assistance over the past four months. Congress must move quickly to provide real COVID relief.

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