Nicole’s story: It’s time to Build Back for Justice

Nicole and son

Nicole and her son

All of us should be able to have a roof over our heads, take care of our kids, and live with dignity. The 2021 Child Tax Credit was an absolute blessing that changed my life for the better so I could do just that.

As a single mom in Pittsburgh who recently left a very unhealthy relationship, this money saved my life. I’ve joined Just Harvest in support of Prosperity Now’s campaign to #BuildBackForJustice to ask Congress to expand the Child Tax Credit in any federal spending package to help other people like me provide for our families.

With the money I received from the Child Tax Credit, I was able to get basic necessities for my son like diapers and food – and I was also able to set some money aside to give my son a proper birthday and celebrate holidays like he deserved. As any parent knows, children grow so fast and there is no price tag you can put on special moments. Having this support allowed me and my family to not stress but, instead, have the breathing room to thrive.

It’s easy to get caught up in politics as Congress reconvenes around a federal spending package. It’s easy to think this isn’t important when you have the financial means to sustain your family.

But the numbers don’t lie. Thanks to the expanded CTC, millions of families were able to get caught up on utility bills, buy food for their families, and have the security of monthly payments to help make ends meet.

I am one of those people. To be able to provide for my son and not be forced to call his dad for anything was freeing and empowering.

We must build back for the millions who need support to raise our kids and have a place to live. We must build back for freedom. We must build back for justice.

At the end of the day, this isn’t about politics. This is about real people like me who are impacted by federal policy decisions who need to be able to live and thrive with dignity.

Get Involved

Want to join Just Harvest in pushing Congress to restore the expanded Child Tax Credit for 2022 and beyond? Here’s how you can help:

orange arrowShare your story of how the expanded CTC helped you.

orange arrowContact our grassroots organizer Dana Dolney about advocacy opportunities. You can reach her at or (412) 643-2349.

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