Just Harvest’s Print Publications

Fact SheetsHunger in Allegheny County


  • Hunger and Poverty
  • Access to Public Benefits
  • Child Nutrition
  • Income Inequality

Research ReportsMeet the Need PA: No Child Should Live in Deep Poverty (report cover)

Reports include:

  • How TANF should be improved to alleviate child poverty
  • School meals in Pittsburgh public schools
  • Poverty in Pennsylvania and Allegheny County
  • Access to Pa. Human Services in Allegheny County
  • Fresh food access in Allegheny County

Fresh Access MaterialsFresh Access: Accepting Food Stamps at Farmers Markets Toolkit

  • Toolkit: Accepting Food Stamps at Farmers Markets
  • English, Spanish, and Nepali brochures on using food stamps, credit, and debit at farmers markets

Annual ReportsJust Harvest 2018 Annual Report

  • 2008 – 2018
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