Just Harvest in the Community

Rochelle Jackson at 4/14 DPW GPE rallyMaking progress on hunger and poverty requires that people living in poverty and hurt by economic injustice have a voice in the public policies that affect them. Voters and the broader community must also be aware of the policies that determine opportunity and fairness in our region.

We organize in our communities by:

  • Educating about hunger, poverty, their root causes, and opportunities for making a difference. Through media appearances, poverty simulations, speaking engagements, and public events we keep the broader community informed and engaged in critical economic justice issues.
  • Mobilizing and empowering community members, ensuring their voices are heard in the political process. We also work in non-partisan coalitions to get out the vote among under-represented groups, to reduce barriers to voting, and to keep people informed about where political candidates stand on hunger and poverty issues.
  • Working with networks and coalitions at the local, state, and federal levels. We leverage our efforts and our resources by working with a broad range of partners in the public, private, and civic sectors.

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