Make Port Authority Fares Fair for Allegheny County!

Why we need greater fare equity:

Low-income riders shouldn’t have to pay more for transit just because they’re unable to access CONNECT Card machines or hand over the full price of a bus pass at the start of a month. Here’s more on why the Port Authority’s current fare system does not treat all riders equally and why it needs to change.

CONNECT card iconCash vs CONNECT Card
CONNECT Card users pay $2.50 for a single ride while riders who use cash pay $2.75 for a single ride—but it’s in the transfer fees that the costs really add up fast.

costs iconHigh Transfer Costs
Cash users pay $2.75 fare for each transfer. CONNECT users who put cash on their card pay $1 for a first transfer, then $2.50 for any other transfers. Multiple transfers are often needed.

geolocation iconInaccessible Vendors
CONNECT Card machines and vendors are far less accessible outside Pittsburgh where lower income residents depend on public transit to get to work and all other basic needs.

graph increase iconHighest Fares
Port Authority fares, adjusted for median income, are among the highest in the nation—higher than NYC, Baltimore, Philadelphia— with rates raising much faster than inflation.

bag of money iconSingle Use vs Passes
Many low-income people can’t afford to pay $25 up front for a weekly pass or $97.50 for a monthly pass. They may end up paying significantly more than that in single use rides.

bill iconA Top Expense
For many Allegheny County households, transportation costs exceed the cost of housing. Transit fares in Pittsburgh consume nearly 35% of the hourly minimum wage.

How You Can Take Action

orange arrowSign the petition on this page to spark change and work with Just Harvest, Pittsburghers for Public Transit, and our allies to create a more equitable transit system in Allegheny County.
orange arrowAttend the Make Our Fares Fair press conference, rally, and petition presentation to the Port Authority Board: December 7, 8:30am at 345 Sixth Ave. Downtown

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