Helping hungry workers as they restart their careers

Our food stamp team manager Dontika at New Century Careers

Our food stamp program manager Dontika Hall (right) joined NCC’s Tasia Armistead in
providing SNAP application help at their center this month.

While most of our food stamp applications occur over the phone, our specialists also go to places where there’s need.

Towards that end, we are excited about our new partnership with New Century Careers.

Pittsburgh-based NCC offers tuition-free PA State registered pre-apprenticeship for any interested individual looking to obtain an entry-level career in advanced manufacturing. Skills learned include safety, blueprint reading, mechanical mathematics, and the use of a variety of measurement and production equipment.

In 2021, NCC added 3D/Additive and Robotics technologies to their training. All trainees can earn third-party industry-recognized credentials from the National Institute for Metalworking Skills.

As the economy changes, workers in dying industries or those stuck in low-wage jobs need help finding better employment. Many of them are struggling with hunger and hardship during that transition. NCC serves new cohorts of 8-10 trainees every two months and estimates 20-30% of them are eligible for food stamps.

The pandemic has been a huge disruptor of people’s work lives, particularly those in low-wage jobs. Dealing with COVID risk and illness and a lack of child care has pushed many people into unemployment.

As people look for new jobs or move into different lines of work, good public policies and programs must help make that possible. Government must invest in workers and our economy by ensuring living wages, affordable health care and child care, fair taxes, and paid family and medical leave.

In the meantime, strengthening SNAP and other nutrition programs and making them accessible will help support a resilient workforce.

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