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Just Harvest members advance long-term solutions to hunger. You can join them today to end hunger in our region

At Just Harvest we operate from the principle that the hunger crisis will not be solved by food donations.

And it is indeed a crisis. One in seven of our neighbors don’t know where their next meal is coming from. One in five children aren’t getting enough food to thrive and reach their potential.

Food banks and pantries will be the first to tell you that they can’t come close to addressing that need. In fact, they only fill 1 in 20 bags of food assistance nationwide. The rest comes from government programs.

The work we do at Just Harvest is to make sure those nutrition assistance programs – as well cash assistance, medical assistance, and other key safety net programs – are accessible to those who need them, along with affordable healthy food access points in local underserved communities. And we work to address the root causes of that need: economic inequality and pervasive inequities.

Our members are part of this work because they share the belief that hunger isn’t just a shortage of food, it’s a shortage of justice.


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