Tell Pittsburgh City Council to address healthy food access in 2022

Testify at the Pittsburgh City Council 2022 Budget Public Hearing on Monday Dec. 13, 10amAny government budget is a moral document; it shows who and what our leaders will prioritize. Budgets are where they can make good on promises to underserved communities. Budgets are how long-standing gaps get filled, and how new initiatives to improve our daily lives get going.

On Monday, December 13, 2021 at 10am, the City of Pittsburgh is holding its annual Budget Public Hearing. City Council members need to hear from you about what they should prioritize!

Sign up to testify at the hearing to tell the Mayor and City Council that the 2022 City budget should make investments that ensure people have what they need, where our neighborhoods and priorities are not pitted against each other, and all of our neighbors can thrive.

This is a great opportunity to make clear what we expect of Pittsburgh City Council next year. They must address the lack of healthy food access that far too many Pittsburgh residents face.

One proposed solution, a Food Justice Fund, is something Just Harvest has supported as a leading member of the Pittsburgh Food Policy Council.

What you can do

We have to start by putting our money where our values are.

If you care about having healthy neighbors who aren’t struggling to put food on the table, please sign up to testify by filling out the form at the bottom of this page, or call the City Clerk’s office at (412) 255-2138. Registration will close at 9 AM the morning of the meeting.

Feel free to contact our communications coordinator at or at (412) 440-5610 if you want help writing your testimony.

See you on Monday!

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