Share Your Story: How did the Expanded Child Tax Credit help you?

Let's make the expanded Child Tax Credit permanent!

Did you receive the monthly Child Tax Credit?

In 2021, Congress expanded the Child Tax Credit so that it would reach more low-income families. They also made it fully refundable, meaning families could claim it even if they didn’t owe any income tax.

How did it help you?

Just Harvest is collecting stories about how the Child Tax Credit (CTC) helped people in 2021, and/or how it will help them this year when they claim it on their tax return. These stories will help with our advocacy to federal legislators who represent Pennsylvania. We will be urging them to continue the expanded CTC and make it permanent so that millions of families can receive monthly payments. Your story helps show who the expanded CTC helps and how.

Please share your story!

Any questions?

Do you have questions about this effort? Want to get more involved? Contact our grassroots organizer, Dana Dolney, at or (412) 643-2349.


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