Meet Fresh Access vendor Heritage Farm

Heritage Farm's grass-fed cows and sheep

Heritage Farm’s grass-fed cows and sheep

Historically, religion and agriculture have often intertwined, and the Burns family continues this tradition today. Founded in 1991 by Greg and Linda Burns, Heritage Farm operates under the motto of “living off the land that God has given them.”

And so far, they have exceeded this goal. Their respect for the land and the animals is a part of the farm’s operations; their “family friendly farm” steers clear of the chemicals and synthetic hormones so common to factory farming, and their animals are pasture raised.

You can taste the great results. In addition to the meat, eggs, and jams being sold through buying clubs and at farmers markets, Heritage Farm products are now featured at upscale Pittsburgh restaurants such as Cure, Legume, Sienna Mercato, Bar Marco, and more.

Heritage Farm's Tara Lynne Burns with lamb

Heritage Farm’s Tara Lynne Burns

What farmers market item would you want to be, and why?

“We’d be a dozen of eggs because of their versatility of use and their farm fresh taste!”

The Burns family has sold at farmers markets since 1994. Tara, who oversees the farm’s marketing, says that she has seen several changes occur in markets over time.

“Folks are now learning to look for meats there in addition to produce.” This is particularly beneficial for Heritage Farm, given Pete’s strong background in animal husbandry and livestock production.

She also states that there have been some negative changes, too. For example, some vendors have started selling products that they didn’t produce, which others, including the Burns, believe “pollutes the markets for the true local farms.”

Heritage Farm recently began participating in the Fresh Access program to help boost their sales. The ability to accept ACCESS, debit, and credit cards has attracted many new customers, and the Burns family has some advice for them:

“Talk to the farmers. Come with good questions about the food they have. They should be transparent with you and welcome questions.”

You can find Heritage Farm products at the following Fresh Access farmers markets:

Monday: East Liberty – 3:30pm-7:00pm
Thursday: Market Square – 10:00am-2:00pm


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