Joshua Nulph is challenging Frank Dermody for State Rep.

On Nov. 6, voters in Pennsylvania’s 33rd House District will have a choice of two candidates for the office of State Representative: the incumbent, House Minority Leader Francis (Frank) Dermody (Democrat), or Joshua Nulph (Republican).

This district comprises the TOWNSHIPS of East Deer, Frazer, Harmar, Harrison (PART, Wards 01, 02, 03 [PART, Division 02], 04 and 05), Indiana and Springdale and the BOROUGHS of Brackenridge, Cheswick, Oakmont, Springdale and Tarentum. It also includes part of Westmoreland County.

We asked each candidate five questions about their stance on key policies to combat hunger in Pennsylvania. We did not receive a response from Nulph despite multiple requests, and were not able to determine his position based on public statements.

Dermody’s full response is below the graphic.

Where Frank Dermody and Joshua Nulph stand on 5 key policies to combat hunger in the race for the PA 33rd House DistrictFrank Dermody (D)

Do you support work requirements as a condition to access public benefit programs, even though it would prevent people from accessing healthcare or food assistance?

Frank opposes work requirements as a condition of receiving assistance. People need healthcare and food so that they are able to go find work. It doesn’t make any sense and is bad public policy to restrict these important safety net programs to only those who are working.

What should the state minimum wage be?

Frank would like to see our state’s minimum wage be set at $15 an hour but he recognizes in the current political environment in Washington and Harrisburg we may have to start with a more modest $10 or $12 and then increase the rate incrementally over the next few years to get there.  He supports tying min wage to an annual index that would ensure the min wage keeps pace with inflation and the cost of living.

Do you support state laws that preempt laws on local taxes, local public health regulations, or local labor protections? In particular, do you support HB 861?

NO, Frank does not support state laws that preempt local govt’s authority to implement local rules governing employee benefits, public health protections and the ability of local govts to raise revenue at the local level.  Frank opposes HB 861.

Do you support the Fair Share Tax Plan?

YES, Frank supports the Fair Share Tax Plan.

Do you support the Marcellus Shale severance tax, as proposed in Gov. Wolf’s budget, as a way to provide sustained revenue for Pennsylvania?

YES, Frank supports Gov Wolf’s proposal to impose a fair extraction tax on Marcellus Shale.

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