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Building back for justice requires expanded Child Tax Credit

“Who is most likely to be poor in America? Children. Their pre-pandemic poverty rate of 1 in 7 exceeds that of most developed nations. During the 2022 tax season that ended last month, many low-income families rejoiced over their refunds, but the celebration was bittersweet. A key tax break to address child poverty had ended….”

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Publish Date: 05-03-2022

News Outlet: TribLIVE/Tribune Review

Author: Kristie Weiland Stagno

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Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day declared in Millvale

“Brian Spoales, mayor of Millvale, declared Jan. 31 Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Awareness Day in the borough as ‘an opportunity to encourage citizens to find out if they can claim this important tax credit.’ The date was the 14th anniversary of a national awareness campaign to increase EITC familiarity….”

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Publish Date: 02-11-2020

News Outlet: Trib Live: Tribune Review

Author: Erica Cebzanov

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New Pittsburgh Courier - powered by Real Times Media

Just Harvest ‘Taxathon’ helps residents file taxes

“In the 300 block of East Carson St. on the South Side, you can tell it’s tax season—that’s because people with slightly lost expressions and vague Google Maps directions are looking for Just Harvest. For 16 years now, the anti-hunger and poverty agency has provided free tax preparation services for the area’s low-income residents, and […]

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Publish Date: 02-17-2018

News Outlet: New Pittsburgh Courier

Author: Christian Morrow and J.L. Martello

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The Pitt News

Global Wordsmiths help with translation troubles

“Justina Moktan was born in Singapore and raised by her Nepalese parents to speak both Nepali and English. Now, as an intern at Global Wordsmiths, she helps bridge the gap between the two languages. Moktan — a sophomore finance and marketing major — is able to do this through her work at Global Wordsmiths, an […]

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Publish Date: 02-05-2018

News Outlet: The Pitt News

Author: Sandra Balatkova

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The New York Times

Under Health Care Act, Many Tax Filers Are Discovering Costly Complications

When he signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act last fall, J. C. Ciesielski estimated his income at $19,400, qualifying him for a federal subsidy that cut his premiums in half. But Mr. Ciesielski, an actor, earned an extra $2,340 from a voice-over job in December, and that welcome bit of income […]

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Publish Date: 03-22-2015

News Outlet: The New York Times

Author: Abby Goodnough

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