Help improve food access for WIC and TANF recipients

woman walking with her young sonParents in Allegheny County face significant barriers to accessing services, stabilizing their finances, and ensuring their kids have the opportunity to thrive. From transportation to child care to low wage work and accessing services to fill the gaps – there are so many hurdles in the way to providing for our kids.

Are you struggling to get to the grocery store regularly, using WIC, or relying on TANF/cash assistance to take care of a family member? Do you know who knows how broken these systems are? YOU DO.

In 2019, we kicked off several campaigns aimed at improving systems for families with the input of those families. 

  • We are examining gaps in public transit that make food access more difficult for neighborhoods that lack a grocery store. Based on this info we will advocate for bus route improvements to address community food access.
  • We are looking at how we can support and bolster participation in WIC by
    • identifying hurdles to participation,
    • building partnerships and outreach strategies, and
    • training up community advocates to advocate for changes to application and access policies that are barriers to accessing this vital program.
  • We are working with TANF parents to
    • destigmatize the program,
    • remove barriers to access, improve effectiveness, and
    • inform legislators about why the choice and independence of cash helps families move out of deep poverty.

Join This Effort

Do you live in Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg, or the Mon Valley? Just Harvest is working to assess transportation barriers to healthy food. This work consists of surveys, interviews, and story collection. We will then focus on developing solutions with residents and organizations in under-served neighborhoods.

orange arrowYour input is needed! Please fill out this confidential survey.

At the end of the survey you will have the opportunity to sign up for different ways to get involved with improving food and benefit access in your community.

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